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The need for energy independence has never been felt more acutely throughout the world. Translucent Energy brings the proven experience needed to overcome today’s energy challenges with clean, reliable solar modules and smart systems.


Translucent Energy, Inc. is a U.S.-based PV module manufacturer and smart infrastructure system integrator, serving commercial, industrial, NGO, and government clients as well as residential distributors. As a company, we are focused on making energy independence a reality by offering exceptional-quality solar modules and energy storage solutions at competitive prices and providing innovative on- and off-grid smart infrastructure solutions. Our product lines are backed by over 50 years of combined company experience in PV manufacturing; renewable energy product integration; project development; project finance; Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC); and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracting.


By choosing Translucent Energy, you are gaining access to a wealth of real-world experience from a veteran team that has delivered projects along the entire solar-power value chain. Our accomplishments to date speak for themselves.

PV module

10 GW+

solar module factory
development projects

150 MW+



solar installed

1.3 GW+


smart infrastructure




Renewable Energy Experience and Expertise

Nour Mousa

Chief Executive Officer

With advanced degrees in industrial and production engineering, Nour brings worldwide experience in energy product manufacturing and development, with broad experience in finance, investments, strategic planning, outsourcing, technology transfer and property development. He co-founded Desert Technologies, an independent, fully integrated photovoltaic solar energy platform with a proven track record as a PV solar panel manufacturer, PV developer, and EPC and O&M contractor. He serves as the founding Board Chairman for Capton Energy, a joint venture between Desert Technologies and Siemens, and is also a Partner in Soho Properties, a leading real estate developer with over $600 million in projects under construction.

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Mujadid Shah.jpg

Mujadid Shah

Chief Strategy Officer

With degrees in business administration, finance and entrepreneurship, Mujadid brings over 20 years of experience in global business strategy, business planning, brand and product development, and marketing. As CEO and President of multiple companies operating in domestic and international markets, he has overseen manufacturing, product development and merchandising in a range of industries, including textiles, consumer products, and health and wellness – enterprises that have provided him with a strong base of knowledge in OEM, supply-chain management, financial management and sales distribution. 

Augustus Rylands

Chief Investment Officer

Augustus joined Translucent Energy from Desert Technologies (DT), where he was Chief Investment Officer, working on the company’s utility scale photovoltaic IPP and EPC divisions, as well as incubating the EV charging and water desalination business lines.  Prior to DT, Augustus was Vice-President at the Arabian Gulf Fund, a GCC focused growth capital private equity fund. Augustus has also worked as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Milan, focusing on retail and banking sectors, and in the Private Equity group of the International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group) in Washington D.C., working on both company- and fund-level emerging market investments. Augustus received his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Joseph M. Kiwak.jpg

Joseph M. Kiwak

Chief Commercial Officer

With advanced degrees in Mechanical and Architectural Engineering, Joseph is a highly effective executive that brings over 30 years of experience as a supply-chain executive overseeing supplier relationship development, EPC contract development and administration, value creation, strategic sourcing, contract management, procurement and materials management operations, e-Commerce, and project management. At Translucent Energy, Joseph is responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating, managing, and administering all procurement and contracting efforts to efficiently maximize strategic sourcing, contracting, procurement, supply-chain management, and supporting technologies to ensure Translucent can obtain the best overall value to meet its objectives efficiently and effectively. Prior to joining Translucent Energy, Joseph was the VP of Supply Chain for JERA Americas, Chief Strategy and Procurement Officer for Sunfinity Renewable Energy, Executive Director of Supply Chain for Sunnova Energy and Vice President of Supply Chain for NRG Renew/Home. This includes more than 58 Solar projects including C&I, Community Solar, and Utility Scale accounting for more than 1GW in total.

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